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Welcome to Amman ! Amman 's official travel eguide is the ultimate provider of everything you need to know about Jordan 's capital. Amman, built on seven hills, is known for its unprecedented hospitality and unique blend of modern and historical attractions. Packed with award-winning A La Carte restaurants, as well as traditional restaurants; Amman hotel options that range from modest to five star hotels, Amman suits all budgets and tastes.

Amman travel

Amman has been home for many civilizations through history ranging from Ammonites, Romans, to modern Arabs. The city is rich for its biblical mention and plethora of historical attractions dating to the Stone Age. The city itself was renamed from " Philadelphia " to " Amman " during Ghassanian era in honor of the ancient Ammonites. Originally built on seven hills, Amman now rests on 19 hills and still growing, with each hill standing for a certain area of the city. The ancient seven hills, or "Jabals", are the heart of the city's cultural events such as Jabal Amman and Jabal Lweibdeh.

Al Balad, or Downtown, is the oldest area in Amman where most stores, cafes, and offices started. It is now a spot for traditional crafts and restaurants. The prices there are quite cheap compared to the areas mentioned earlier.

Jabal Amman
Jabal Amman is home to the cultural events such as: exhibitions, film screenings, and festivals. Most nightlife attractions are conveniently situated there within a couple of blocks. The JARA (Jabal Amman Residents Association) festival is held every year June through August, and combines delicious food, concerts, and craft vendors.

Abdoun, known for its circle, is quite recent in its popularity. It is known to be the home of the rich, and the hangout spot for anyone looking for exotic food choices. One of its new attractions is the Abdoun Bridge , a bridge built to connect Abdoun with Jabal Amman.

Jabal Al Weibdeh

Jabal Al Weibeh, often referred to as "L-weibdeh" by the locals, is home to the various cultural centers such as the French Cultural Center , Dante Alighieri, and the Modern Languages Cultural Center . Like Jabal Amman, it is home to most of Amman 's cultural events, and you can surely find something to go to around 6 pm if you're an art aficionado or a music fan.

Jabal Al Hussein
Jabal Al Hussein, named after Jordan 's King Hussein, is the place to go if you're shopping. Its stores have competitive prices, and can give you quality clothes at a competitive rate if you're willing to bargain.

Sweifieh is one of the recent areas that gained sudden popularity along with its sister Abdoun. Sweifieh has a number of fast food joints and brand stores. If you're looking for a certain brand or food, you can always rely on Sweifieh – a classier shopping spot.

Amman travel

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